Supersize me! XL Sports Deodoriser

Supersize me! XL Sports Deodoriser

Here at No Stink, we are dedicated to keeping your sports gear fresh and dry! 

Although perfect for many applications, sometimes our standard sized bags just aren't enough. 

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the XL Sports Deodoriser, our biggest, freshest No Stink to date!

The XL Sports Deodoriser has twice the surface area of No Stink Glove, so can cover many of your larger sports gear items - absorbing all that unwanted moisture. It is packed with 4 x the all natural, Bamboo charcoal so can keep even your dampest items dry. We have also given it a new 'Fresh Linen' fragrance, so you get that fresh feeling every time. 

So what's it for? The XL Sports Deodoriser has a range of applications, from your gym bag after a heavy cardio session, your sparring head guard from TKD class, your Muay Thai shin guards, to your motorbike helmet after a long summer ride.

Anytime you have a larger item that needs freshening up after use, the No Stink XL Sports Deodoriser will have you covered.

We are looking at a late August launch at the moment, so keep an eye out on the website for further details. 

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