Summer? It's time to get the footy boots out

Summer? It's time to get the footy boots out

If you love to play football, whether it's as part of your local club, at school, the work 5 a side team or just down the park with your mates at the weekend, now is the best time of year to be doing it!

The sun is out, the days are longer and the conditions are perfect for a kick around.

With all that running around in the heat, things are bound to get sweaty. You might find that coming to put your footy boots (or trainers) on again the next day, they are still damp and giving off a slightly less than fresh odor.

If you've bought a nice pair of football boots like some Nike Mercurial's, you'll no doubt want to get as much use out of them as possible. It might seem like no big deal at the time, however all that moisture and odor will, in the long term, allow nasty bacteria to grow. This can effect the life of your beloved boots, which we are sure is the last thing you want.

There is a solution though, our No Stink shoe deodorisers, absorb moisture which prevents the nasty bacteria from growing in your boots. They are made from all natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly bamboo and activated charcoal which means they can be used multiple times. 

After the match just put the No Stink bags in your boots, leave them overnight and the next morning you're ready for another match which some dry, fresh footy boots! 

We haven't forgotten about Goalies either, No Stink Glove can easily be popped into your gloves after the match and will give the same drying, freshening results as No Stink Shoe.

This means you can concentrate on the game and not that awful smell coming from your kit bag in the changing room.

Click here to see more details on No Stink Shoe and here for No Stink Glove.

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