No Stink website launches, but what is it?

No Stink website launches, but what is it?

Welcome to the brand new website for No Stink products... wait, what on earth is No Stink you ask?

Well here's some mildly interesting information about us for those of you who would like to know;

  • No Stink was originally founded in 2012 under the moniker 'Fresh Gloves'. The aim of the company was to find an affordable and effective solution to keep sweaty sports gloves free from odour and moisture in-between uses. 
  • The bamboo/charcoal bag that we developed became popular very quickly (70+ reviews on Amazon averaging 4.7 stars out of 5) and we have now extended the range to include deodorisers for shoes and more products are on the way

Click here to check out our current range of deodorising products, which we ship internationally!

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