It's that time again... Getting into shape for Summer

It's that time of year again! Whether it's to work off that winter weight, or to fit into your favourite suit or dress for that wedding in June. Either way, it's time to dust off those running trainers and get back to it - taking those first steps to getting fitter is always the most difficult bit but you can do it! But, with all that said, maybe you just have smelly feet?

Well, we have the solution!

No Stink Show Deodoriser; the perfect solution for extending the life of your favourite footwear, whilst keeping them fresh, dry and stink free! When you take off your shoes at the end of a long day or after that sweaty workout, simply place the one of the deodorising pouches inside each shoe. The natural properties of No Stink will absorb the moisture inside your shoes and remove the bacteria that cause bad smells.

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